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Hello, I'm Adrian Bavister

Lead Web Developer | Full Stack Developer | British Accent

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Richardson, Texas 75080

Adrian Bavister

Lead Web Developer. Full Stack Developer. British Accent.

Professional Profile

Lead web developer with four years full time experience in structuring, developing and implementing interactive and responsive websites. Fluent in the fundamental web programming languages with a background of fifteen years web and non-web coding experience.

Exceptional organization and prioritization skills with the ability to meet tight deadlines. Strong verbal and written communication skills with a keen eye for detail and ability to explain complex instructions in an easy to understand way.

Motivated by a passion and desire to produce attractive, user-friendly websites built on optimized, readable and maintainable code.

I am comfortable working with both back-end and front-end technologies.

I regularly work with databases, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and everything else in between. Currently, I am learning to develop Mobile Apps with Node.js and AngularJS.



My Areas of Expertise.

Coding Standards

I work extensively with PHP based websites, commonly in an MVC design pattern. Strict self-imposed coding standards help me produce correct logic separation and best practice coding.

Responsive design

Ensuring the best experience possible via the minimum amount of resizing and scrolling be it on a desktop machine, netbook, or smaller mobile device through mobile-first, responsive web design.



Perficient in HTML5, CSS3, and related front-end technologies. Continually learning new techniques and keen to implement the best practices/current trends for user needs.


Ecommerce & WordPress

Regular experience developing with OpenCart and Wordpress. Comfortable customizing the framework to meet precise customer requirements while staying within and utilizing the existing framework.

Bootstrap Dashboard

Capable of designing and developing custom administration dashboards. Experience of utilizing the Bootstrap framework to provide a responsive, mobile first front-end.

Developer Skills

Knowledge and application of fundamental SEO principles. Command line familiarity with version control systems such as Git and Subversion. Exposure to Linux and basic shell scripting.

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A selection of my work.


Responsive Design

Retrofitting an existing site

Bootstrap CSS3

It is becoming increasingly common for clients to request their website to be retrofitted with responsive technologies. I provide here an example of a website where I integrated a custom build of the Bootstrap CSS framework into the clients existing site to produce a fully responsive website. (View Source on Github)

The two live previews demonstrate the websites responsiveness before and after the retrofit.
Live Preview (Before) | Live Preview (After)


I recently completed a project where I integrated a custom build of the Foundation CSS framework into the clients existing website. (View Source on Github). Again, this produced a fully responsive website from a previously unresponsive one. (Live Preview (Before) | Live Preview (After))


Building within the Framework

OpenCart PHP MySQL

I have experience at customizing Opencart based ecommerce projects to meet the customers needs. I provide here an example of a jewelry store which I have recently worked on. Slide (1) shows the addition of a color picker.

After I have completed styling the front end of the store, I ensure that the ecommerce functionality matches the customers unique set of requirements. I consider it important to seamlessly extend the framework when adding features and extensions. I have experience working with most common payment gateways and shipping APIs. (View Source on Github)

I provide training to the client, walking them through the website and ensuring that they are happy with the customizations I have made. I ensure that they understand how to use the backend interface to maintain products and categories as well as review orders, manage customers and run sales reports. (Live Preview)

Admin Dashboard

Beautifying with Bootstrap

CodeIgniter Bootstrap

The example referenced here was an internal company project what I worked on in my free time. The task was to build an online questionnaire, based on existing PDF versions, for new clients to complete giving an insight into their specific styles and needs.
The (Live Preview) demonstrates the front-end client experience of completing the questionnaire.

The back-end of the project consists of a private admin dashboard for internal management of the questionnaires. The project was built on the Codeigniter PHP framework and I chose the Bootstrap CSS framework to reduce development time by eliminating the need to work on styling components. (View Source on Github)

100% Custom Design

Meeting Customer Requirements

HTML5 CSS3 jQuery

Having a custom website is a great way to stand out from the crowd and to achieve all of your specialist needs and requirements.

The example shown in slide (1) uses jQuery to achieve a fully custom site navigation. (View Source on Github)
The client had a very specific vision of how they wanted their site to operate and function.
The (Live Preview) demonstrates a working prototype with dummy text, ready for the client to evaluate.

Slides (2) and (3) show an artist and illustrators website that I created for a friend. I developed an administrative backend to the website to allow regular updates to the gallery in the form of uploading, cropping and re-ordering of images.
Live Preview | View Source on Github


Customizing the WordPress Admin


Occasionally clients have very specific requirements of their content management system and who also require their website to be built in Wordpress. This requires me to fully understand their needs and find appropriate plugins or to write my own post types and widgets to achieve the desired result.

When extending the Wordpress backend to add functionality I am careful to do so within the existing framework. This ensures that the client will already be somewhat familiar with the new additions and find the modifications to work as intuitively as the rest of Wordpress. It also helps other developers to easily grasp the new code. (View Source on Github)

I provide an example of a website that I worked on where I was required to create custom post types for the clients various ‘Awards ‘ and what they refer to as ‘Tombstones.’ The Wordpress backend allowed them to simply fill in a few fields to see their award or tombstone appear on the respective page. (Live Preview)

Web Applications

Technical Challenges / Data Manipulation

Python JavaScript

I undertook the development of a custom web app and underlying infrastructure to allow the client remote access to real-time instrumentation of their industrial equipment. The app GUI was achieved by converting a given design into front-end code. This project is represented in slides (1), (2) and (3).

The back-end consisted of designing and implementing an API to communicate with their equipment. The complex nature of the projects required excellent problem solving, analytical and debugging skills. I produced a thorough set of project documentation outlining the protocols I developed and how to use them.

A data analysis web app project that I worked on is represented in slides (4) and (5). I built the back-end in Python and implemented unit testing. (View Source on Github)

The frequent update of data meant the overhead for jQuery was too high so I implemented the client side in JavaScript.


My experience and education.


Lead web developer

My role primarily consists of the development of dynamic PHP-based CMS websites in a variety of frameworks.

I am responsible for managing my workload which averages around 12 active projects. Working for a small company requires exceptional organization and prioritization skills with the ability to meet tight deadlines.

Einstein's Eyes

June 2013 - Present Day

Web developer

Working as a freelance website developer required me to have initiative, to get up to speed on new technologies fast, to create and manage my own goals and to have a strong work ethic.


October 2011 - June 2013


IT Qualifications

  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • Microsoft Windows 2003 Server (MCP)
  • Microsoft Windows XP (MCP)

Self Initiated


Electronic Engineering

I was educated in England, obtaining a Bachelor of Engineering Honors degree in Electronic Engineering from De Montfort University.

De Montfort University

1996 - 2000

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